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Welcome to the Leicestershire Provider Portal

The site acts as an online portal for providers that deal with the Leicestershire local authority. It is a means to view and interact with contract and service delivery information, directly with the local authority. Some of the benefits include;

Submit Actuals

Submit your actuals directly to the local authority quickly and easily via the simple online form. Alternatively, upload actuals data in bulk using the import facility.

Invoice Management

Access the electronic record of invoices and credit notes sent to the local authority. And now, you can also create and submit actuals payable invoices directly, online.

Purchase Orders

To help manage your financial records, all purchase orders are available to view and download.


The provider portal also features powerful reporting tools which can help you to generate your returns.

And more...

These are but a few of the provider portal's online features. Get in touch with your local authority to ask for a demonstration.

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